Words are life...

or death.

Life can only go one way when you think in stories.

Having been a journalist since a 21 year-old (which was longer ago than I'd like to admit) and a copywriter and content writer to boot, I'm your classic left-handed right-brained thinker that believes the words you say invents the world you see. 

- Katya Stead
wordslinger & writer for hire

The words you say invents the world you see


I have been blessed enough to work with amazing people in inspiring settings, from talking cricket with author Jeffery Archer to interviewing former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and covering events from civil unrest in Africa to the Oyster Box leg of the Monacan royal wedding. Not to mention writing corporate copy on everything from finance to renting computers, to insurance & books to read this summer. 

So how did this happen? I'm your average Gen X oldest child, Ms Responsible, so what on earth possessed me to give up my day job? Well, two things. The first was getting retrenched (ouch) and the second was a shiny, senior job at a magazine read on three different continents by very, very important people. 

You see, I had a vision for the finance & financial services world I'd come to love - what if there was someone who could really write and was actually independent? I contacted only the blue-chip corporates whose ethos & people I believed in, & they were with me. So, armed with only a few clients & a lot of ideas, I left the game. Just like that.

And my, how it grew...

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South Africa


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